Dallas Neighborhoods: Farmers Market District

gallery.aspxWhat do YOU think about this hot spot? Is it worth the investment?

The Dallas Farmers Market lost its luster long ago and it’s old news to you and me. Stories graced major local news sources for years with titles like “How Dallas Killed Farmers Markets”–just a little taste of the overall sentiment regarding the city’s market. The Farmers Market depended on millions of taxpayer dollars to remain open and never truly became revitalized despite the city’s best efforts.

Fast forward to today. More than 1,000 residential units are popping up in the new Farmers Market District with several newly built townhomes, a new apartment complex cropping up on a 5-acre plot and even old produce warehouses are being sold. How? The city decided to let private dollars go to work. So far so good!

For those heading over to the area to buy produce, have no fear. Shed 1 is under construction and should be ready by June and will continue to house farmers and vendors. Shed 2 will be under private control after successful Pecan Lodge moved out. Sheds 3 and 4 will no longer exist and will make way for new apartments and restaurants.

Townhouses are selling quickly and the neighborhood looks promising, but one roadblock could be the neighboring Bridge homeless shelter. The city has plans to move its entrance to the corner of St. Paul and R.L. Thornton Freeway according to this DMN article.

When was the last time you went to the Dallas Farmers Market? If it’s been a while, you may not recognize the brand new neighborhood with plans for retail and more development estimated at $65 million total. We have high hopes for this hot spot because of its private-public partnership much like uber popular Klyde Warren Park…and we hear a beer garden will be making its way to the Farmers Market District!

Dallas-Farmers-Market-Square1b farmersplan gemusestandFor more information on other Dallas neighborhoods, contact Victoria at victoriabarr@ebby.com or call her 214.213.2593.

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