Nest Homes Boldly Blending Luxury with Sustainability for an Artfully Enhanced Living Environment in Park Cities, Preston Hollow and even in the Trees!

cb093874b6ca709668d1efea98293f98 One of the highlights of my job as a realtor, here in the Park Cities and Dallas, Texas, is getting to work with the builders of our gorgeous homes.   We have some incredible builders that have withstood the test of time and they are creating fabulous homes. We are truly a city of inspiration and are making things happen in so many ways especially in new home construction.  As an example… have you seen the stunning homes built by NEST HOMES in Preston Hollow and The Park Cities?  They are shockingly fresh in style, prospective and innovation striking a beautiful balance of modern living to sustainable luxury.  This NEST HOMES home in Preston Hollow won the Dallas 10 Most Beautiful Homes Award 2010.

NEST HOMES creates homes for people who love the art of living and our environment and they prove that luxury and sustainability can live together in comfort and harmony. Though every NEST home is unique and reflects the lifestyle of the owner each home shares these common values. When you think of a NEST HOMES home think of a tightly sealed envelope of energy efficient materials and lots of natural light. This NEST home in University Park is an IIDA Design Award Winner, AIA Tour of Homes and LEED Gold Homes Certification.

3501 Caruth Blvd

                                                                                           3501 Caruth Blvd                                                                                  IIDA Design Award Winner, AIA Tour Homes, and LEED Gold Homes Certification


In listing one of NEST HOMES latest projects at 4428 Greenbrier Dr in The Park Cities/HPISD, I am experiencing their value, dedication and passion to sustainable and environmental responsibility, artfully enhanced architecture, building precision and absolute luxury. 4428 Greenbrier is slated to be complete and move in ready by Mid July so stop by any time to see for yourself.


So who is behind NEST HOMES?
Meet Matt and Tom

Matt just loves building things. He is an outdoors man, who loves being on site with the crew and helping people realize their dreams. He believes in protecting our environment and spending as much time in nature as possible.  

Tom enjoys designing for people who love social interaction, entertaining friends, supporting the environment and modern architecture.

And this is what they believe:

“We believe that every home should be a retreat, and expression of your beliefs and an expression of who you are. At NEST-US we move forward with these guiding principles:  

  • Always design and build with the home owner’s lifestyle in mind.
  • Always design and build to conserve energy, protect the environment and improve the community.
  • Every home should leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits, and a better understanding of who’s nest it is.”

To find out more about NEST HOMES visit their web site at: 

In the mean time, if you or any one that you know wants to buy or sell their home, invest or has questions about real estate please contact me at any time at 214.213.2593 or         



About Victoria Barr de Quinones

Ask Victoria Barr, and she will tell you that "to know Dallas is to love Dallas.” And she would like to be the one to show it to you.Primarily specializing in the luxury markets of the Park Cities, Preston Hollow, Devoonshire, Bluffview, Lakewood, Uptown, and downtown Dallas, Southlake and Westlake. Victoria Barr de Quinones is an award-winning leader in the real estate industry. “People ask me what areas I represent, but truly what I represent are my clients,” she says. “I work in any area that helps them meet their real estate goals, whether its schools, price point, style, location, or investment strategy.”
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